In compiling the information contained in these pages I am indebted to the information and support provided by a multitude of casual and continual correspondents.

Among these, special thanks are due to -

  • Lucy (Ardrey) Marshall - my longest serving contributor across many Forsaith, Macdonald, Spencer lines
  • Jenny (Ebbett) Povey - for much detail on our mutual Moodie/Hutton ancestors and others
  • Andrew Robinson - for sharing his knowledge of the 'other' Blomfield sisters, their links to early New Zealand and many common relations
  • Emma Mugridge - for sharing her research on our mutal McInnes/Macinnes lines
  • Jennifer (Spencer) Lang - for much Spencer and related clarification
  • Robin Macdonald (indirectly related!) and Guillermina Stevens (related) - for much shared information and photos of the gallivanting Stevens family
  • Allen Macdonald - for knowledge of many mutual Macdonalds
  • Marjorie (Bolton) Smith - for fleshing out our mutual Ferguson lines
  • Chris Hawkins - for details of our mutual Hawkins/Fergusson connection and family photos
  • John Forsaith, Peter Forsaith, Jon Dods, Becky (Lloyd) Hogg - for updates and corrections on Forsaith and Dods lines, plus many photos
  • Christian Amor - for links to his major Amor research
  • Brian Grenier - for his extraordinary book on God's Acre and the Robinson families
  • Alison Cox - for clarity on various Robinson lines
  • Alex Foot - for much information on his Snow relations, and many others
  • Douglas Wilber - for much input on the Frost family
  • Davina (Hansen) Blaikie - for correcting my Hansens
  • Philip Taylor for much additional material from his Ivall research which leads to the Heywood/Hampson/Hansen families and solved the riddle of the Royal descent of the Hampsons
  • Nick Turner - for corrections on his family