Thomas Forsaith Macdonald

(1866 - 1933)
Father*Thomas Morell Macdonald b. 1840, d. 1909
Mother*Charlotte Clements Forsaith b. 1843, d. 1894
Thomas Forsaith MACDONALD (1866-1933)
Thomas Forsaith Macdonald was born in Invercargill, Southland, on 5 July 1866.1

He married Margaret Annie Matheson in New Zealand in 1895.2,3

He was widowed at age 46 on the death of his wife Margaret on 16 May 1913.4,5

Thomas's second marriage was to Jessie Nicol Burt on 26 April 1916 at Alex Burt's residence, York Place in Dunedin, Otago.4,6,7

At the time of his second marriage he described himself as a Commission Agent.4

Thomas died on 12 February 1933 in Invercargill, Southland, at age 66.8 He was buried on 13 February 1933 at the Invercargill Eastern Cemetery in Invercargill.9

Family 1

Margaret Annie Matheson (1869 - 1913)

Family 2

Jessie Nicol Burt (c 1880 - 1963)
ChartsAlexander Macdonald (1813-1888) descendancy
Samuel Forsaith (c1702-1751) descendancy
Stephen Blomfield (c1750?-1809) descendancy


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Thomas Lachlan Macdonald KCMG

(1898 - 1980)
Father*Thomas Forsaith Macdonald b. 1866, d. 1933
Mother*Margaret Annie Matheson b. 1869, d. 1913
Sir Thomas Lachlan MACDONALD
The following autobigraphical details are sourced from the NZ Dictionary of Biographies, and although interesting, are full of errors (which they refuse to correct). Especially glaring is the reference to Alexander Macdonald moving to missionary work at Ruapuke, which is total garbage - there seem to be a confusion with Johann Wohlers, whose descendents married Macdonalds. However, the entry is reproduced here as it does provide a good overview of his life.

"Tom took great pride in his Scottish descent: one of his great-grandfathers, Alexander Macdonald, had sailed from Wester Ross, Scotland, to Samoa as a missionary in the 1830s, and thence to Ruapuke Island in Foveaux Strait. Another great-grandfather, Thomas Spencer Forsaith, was elected to New Zealand’s first parliament in 1854, and was a member of its shortest ministry.

After matriculating from Southland Boys’ High School, Tom Macdonald joined the Union Steam Ship Company of New Zealand, serving as purser on a number of the company’s ships.

In 1918 he volunteered for military service and went to the Middle East with the final draft of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force.

On his return from the war he worked as a teamster and shepherd, then in 1923 acquired his own farm at Rankleburn, near Tapanui. He was married in Tapanui on 7 April 1926 to Elsie Ann Stuart, a fellow Southlander. A keen rugby player, he represented West Otago in 1925. He also belonged to the local Masonic lodge, becoming its worshipful master in 1931.

In 1937 Macdonald sold his farm and moved to Gore. At the general election in 1938 he stood for Parliament as the New Zealand National Party candidate in the Mataura electorate, winning comfortably against the long-serving independent MP and former mayor of Gore, Davy McDougall. Macdonald’s move showed considerable self-confidence, for the first Labour government (which McDougall supported) was still riding high.
Enlisting again as a private in 1940, Macdonald would have the rare distinction among MPs of serving in the Middle East in both the First and Second NZEF. During his second stint of active service he rose to the rank of captain before being invalided home in 1943 because of persistent illness.
Later that year he was re-elected unopposed in the Mataura electorate. In 1946, when the electorate disappeared, he succeeded the former leader of the National Party, Adam Hamilton, in the neighbouring electorate of Wallace. Three years later he was appointed to Sidney Holland’s cabinet as minister of defence, a portfolio he held until his retirement from politics in 1957. Late in 1954 he acquired the additional portfolios of external affairs and island territories.
Macdonald was thus responsible for the conduct of New Zealand’s defence and foreign policy during an important transition in the country’s international relations. In 1954, on becoming a member of the South East Asia Collective Defence Treaty, New Zealand transferred its defence commitment from the Middle East. The following year it established its first diplomatic post in South East Asia, and in 1956, in a new peacetime initiative, stationed armed forces abroad with the Commonwealth Far East Strategic Reserve in Malaya.
As the spokesperson for the armed forces in cabinet, Macdonald had to contend with considerable indifference and even outright antagonism on the part of the prime minister, who as minister of finance was consistently reluctant to contemplate any increase in military commitments or expenditure. By contrast, Macdonald was highly regarded by his officials, whose only reservation was that he was too modest and insufficiently assertive: he simply ‘does not realize that he is quite as good as he is’, wrote the secretary for external affairs, Alister McIntosh. In 1957 McIntosh recorded that Holland had ‘worked up the most intense obsession against Tom Macdonald, whom he accuses of having kept the defence proposals from him for months with the intention of presenting him with a cut and dried plan’. It seems likely that frustration with Holland’s obstructionism over defence commitments and expenditure was the dominant motive in Macdonald’s decision to retire from politics before the 1957 elections.
Macdonald’s relations with Holland’s successor, Keith Holyoake, were also cool. He was seen as an obvious choice to fill the vacant high commissionership in London when National was returned to power in 1960, but he was not, apparently, Holyoake’s first preference, and his appointment was not made for some months. Although his original term, beginning in 1961, was extended until 1968, Macdonald was particularly aggrieved that he was not authorised to take leave in New Zealand during the whole of that period.
His appointment coincided with mounting concern in New Zealand at the prospect that Britain might join the European Economic Community (EEC) and that unrestricted access of New Zealand’s agricultural exports to the United Kingdom would be put at risk. Whereas his predecessors had been able to delegate most of their substantive work to their staff, Macdonald had to lead from the front in seeking to persuade the British government and public that if Britain were to join the EEC, special measures would be needed to allow the continued entry of New Zealand’s agricultural products, especially butter, cheese and lamb, for which Britain had been the traditional market. He was notably successful in establishing first-name contacts with people who mattered both in politics and business, and his devotion to Freemasonry undoubtedly opened doors in the City of London.
During his high commissionership, Macdonald was appointed concurrently as New Zealand’s first ambassador to the EEC in 1961, and its first ambassador to Ireland in 1966. Although Britain did not in fact join the Community until after his retirement, maintenance of New Zealand’s place in the British market remained his principal concern during his seven years in what was then regarded as New Zealand’s most important diplomatic post. In 1963 he was knighted (KCMG). During his time in Britain he often stayed with his cousins in Wester Ross and in 1963 he was named Scotsman of the Year.
After returning to New Zealand, the Macdonalds lived in Waikanae. In his retirement Tom was able to pursue his interest in tramping, photography and gardening. He also enjoyed and had a talent for composing light verse.

Tom Macdonald was known throughout his varied and eventful career for his common sense, friendliness and integrity."1

Thomas Lachlan Macdonald KCMG was born in Invercargill, Southland, on 14 December 1898.2

He was listed on the roll as a student at Invercargill, Southland, in 1905. (Invercargill Sth admission Register No. 5338).
He served as Lance-Corporal (#79151) with the NZEF 43rd Reinforcement Mounted Rifles and embarked on 10 October 1918 on the Moeraki, leaving Wellington for Sydney, then transferring to the Malta for the Suez.3

He married Elsie Ann Stuart, daughter of George Stuart and Elsie Isabella Cumming, in Tapanui on 7 April 1926.4,5

He was widowed at age 76 on the death of his wife Elsie on 11 December 1975.6,7

Thomas died on 11 April 1980 at Wellington Hospital in Wellington at age 81.8,9,10,11 He was cremated at the Karori Crematorium on 15 April 1980.8,12


Elsie Ann Stuart (1891 - 1975)
ChartsAlexander Macdonald (1813-1888) descendancy
Samuel Forsaith (c1702-1751) descendancy
Stephen Blomfield (c1750?-1809) descendancy


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Thomas Morell Macdonald

(1840 - 1909)
Father*Alexander Macdonald b. 1813, d. 1888
Mother*Selina Dorcas Blomfield b. 1815, d. 1880
Thomas Morell MACDONALD
Thomas Morell Macdonald was born in Palauli, Savai'i Island, on 17 May 1840. His middle name of Morell, which has carried down as a middle name through several generations to the present day, originated with the Rev Stephen MORELL a pastor at the London Missionary Society's Homerton College.1,2

Education of the three Macdonald children was a continuing source of concern and subject of much correspondence with the London Missionary Society, due to the lack of facilities in Samoa. Although first raised in May 1842, agreement was not reached on sending them to England until November 1846, but it is unclear when they actually left. However, Alexander did thank the LMS for settling his two sons into Stockwell Green school by early 1849. The picture shows a painting of the children, done by the LMS in early 1851 and sent back to their parents.3,4
Robert, Eliza & Thomas MACDONALD by unknown artist, c1851. Aged about 14, 12, 10.

Thomas was present at the wedding of Samuel Ludbrook Clarke and Mary Lee (Hannah) Christopher at 'Brick House', Queen St (home of the bride's mother) in Auckland on 30 June 1857.5,6,7,8,9

He signed the register at Robert Conder Macdonald and Emma Matthews's wedding at the bride's residence, Wellesley St in Auckland on 9 December 1859.10,11,12,13

He married Charlotte Clements Forsaith, daughter of Thomas Spencer Forsaith and Elizabeth Mary Clements, at the Forsaith residence, Khyber Pass Rd in Auckland on 7 January 1862.14,15,16,17,18

He was admitted to the bar in Auckland on 29 May 1861 after serving his articles with Frederick Whitaker (of Whitaker and Russell), and commenced practice in Esk Street, Invercargill in 1862, initially in partnership with William Russell and later with his own sons Herbert and Arnold. He would have known William Russell in Auckland, as he had been articled to his elder brother Thomas at Whitaker and Russell. The Macdonald-Russell partnership was dissolved in 1868 when Russell became the first land registrar, but was briefly re-created before Russell set up his own firm in 1889. Both family businesses survived in Invercargill for over 100 years.19,20

One of his early legal actions was to perform the eviction of a well-known local identity, the so-called 'Black Doctor' (actually one Antonio Richard Williams), who was squatting on land owned by Mr J. Thompson, on the corner of Dee and Leet Streets. However, this resulted in the receipt of a letter reading "If you so pretend to my property and as I heard you were going to eject me, then I will kill you, so help me God. I warn you for your life. - Antonio Williams, nowne az de Blaque Doctor" which bore the symbol of a small dagger with the letters A nd M on the handle.
The Black Doctor was neither black, nor a doctor, but was possibly of Spanish or Nth American ancestry and may have arrived in Invercargill via an American whaler. His voluminous robes were described as being of a 'Spanish grandee' and he was fond of airing a Johnsonian English vocabulary. His knowledge of herbs and herbal remedies contributed to the 'doctor' of his title. His 'rooms' were more like a substantial wigwam of timbers propped against a tree bough, rather than a house.
Despite the threatening letter, he moved further up Dee St and continued his unique lifestyle until his death in May 1872 at Invercargill Hospital.
The letter graced the rooms of the Macdonald law business until it was presented to the Southland Museum in 1981.21
Letter from the 'Black Doctor' after his eviction notice

He was a member of the Southland Provincial Council for Invercargill (1864-66) and for Campbelltown (1869-70) and was solicitor to the Council until its abolition, when he was appointed Crown Solicitor for the Southland District. He was chairman of the Southland Education Board for 11 years, of the 'Southland Times' to 1896 and was also a member of the Presbyterian Synod.
The family home was 'Enwood', which grew to be a sprawling set of buildings in extensive grounds and gardens.19
'Enwood', in the 1890s-MACDONALD family home in Invercargill, NZ

The NZ Gazette (1871) lists him as Crown Solicitor (Southland), Revising Barrister, Friendly Societies, and Revising Officer, Building and Land Societies.22

He acquired a double plot in the Invercargill Eastern Cemetery on 29 April 1881 and somehow must have arranged for his daughter Eleanor's remains to be transferred there, as the cemetery records show she was buried in Block 9, plot 23 on 29 Nov 1881.23

He was widowed at age 54 on the death of his wife Charlotte on 12 December 1894.24,25

He was named executor and beneficiary in the will of Thomas Spencer Forsaith, his father-in-law, dated 13 June 1898 in Parramatta, New South Wales; he was to inherit, along with the other executors, most of the land holdings in Australia and New Zealand.26

Elizabeth Mary Clements, Thomas Morell Macdonald and Walter Forsaith Lawry were appointed executors of Thomas Spencer Forsaith's estate in Sydney, New South Wales, on 22 December 1898.27

Thomas's second marriage was to Emma Louisa Georgina McChesney on 29 January 1906 at Caversham in Dunedin, Otago.28,29,30

Thomas died on 15 March 1909 in Invercargill, Southland, at age 68.31 He was buried on 16 March 1909 at the Invercargill Eastern Cemetery in Invercargill.32,33
Grave - Thomas M MACDONALD (1840-1909), family plot, Eastern Cemetery, Invercargill, NZ

Family 2

Emma Louisa Georgina McChesney (1880 - 1959)
ChartsMacdonald pedigree
Alexander Macdonald (1813-1888) descendancy
Samuel Forsaith (c1702-1751) descendancy
Stephen Blomfield (c1750?-1809) descendancy


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Wallace Joseph Macdonald1

(1932 - 2012)
Father*Eric Freeman Blomfield Macdonald1 b. 1897, d. 1978
Mother*Nellie Kathleen Buchanan1 b. 1898, d. 1981
Wallace Joseph Macdonald was born in Paeroa on 14 February 1932.1,2

Wallace died on 28 April 2012 in Piopio at age 80.3,4
ChartsAlexander Macdonald (1813-1888) descendancy
Stephen Blomfield (c1750?-1809) descendancy


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Walter Rex Macdonald

(1911 - 1998)
Father*Percy Blomfield Macdonald b. 1875, d. 1944
Mother*Henrietta Eliza (Etta) Traill b. 1879, d. 1963
Walter Rex MACDONALD (1911-1998) in Oct 1994
Walter Rex Macdonald was born in Invercargill, Southland, on 22 June 1911.1

He was supposedly named Rex (as he was always known) due to his birthdate matching the Coronation.
Sailed a 12-foot dinghy Kittywake as a boy, and was educated at Southland Boys High School.2

He married Frances Mary (Nance) Watts in Invercargill, Southland, on 9 August 1941.3

He worked at Tekapo 1946-52 in a Civil Engineering (materials) capacity, and later in Fiji (1956) on the rebuilding of Nadi Airport.

He and his wife retired to Akaroa in 1975.2

Walter died on 2 June 1998 in Akaroa, Canterbury, at age 86.


Frances Mary (Nance) Watts (1913 - 2001)
ChartsAlexander Macdonald (1813-1888) descendancy
Samuel Forsaith (c1702-1751) descendancy
Stephen Blomfield (c1750?-1809) descendancy


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Angus Macinnes (Simpson)1

(1873 - )
Mother*Jessie McInnes1 b. c 1857
Angus Macinnes (Simpson) was born at Kirk St in Tobermory, Argyllshire, on 6 January 1873. Although no father's name was given and the birth was registered as illegitmate, the child carried the surname SIMPSON in the 1881 census.1
He was listed as the grandson of Angus McInnes in the 1881 Census at Churchyard St in Kilninian & Kilmore, Argyllshire.2

From some time after 1881, Angus Macinnes (Simpson) was also known as Angus McLean as he joined his mother's blended family after her marriage to James McLEAN.3
He was listed as the son of James McLean in the 1891 Census at 83 Belville St in Greenock, Renfrewshire, (although strictly speaking his step-son) and was working as an apprentice caulker.3
ChartsMartin McInnes descendancy


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Ian Ronald Anderson Macinnes1,2

(1925 - 1985)
Father*John McLeod McInnes1 b. 1877, d. 1928
Mother*Laura Lennet Grout1 b. 1884, d. 1970
Ian Ronald Anderson Macinnes was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, on 9 November 1925.1,2

Ian died on 16 April 1985 in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, at age 59.1,3
ChartsMartin McInnes descendancy


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John James Macinnes1

(1925 - 1983)
Father*Robert Harry Wingate McInnes1 b. 1893, d. 1975
Mother*Eliza Ann Pogue1 b. 1894, d. 1987
John James MACINNES (1925-1983)
John James Macinnes was born in Toronto, Ontario, on 1 July 1925.1

As an ice hockey player, he was goalie for the University of Michigan team, helping them to a third-place finish at the 1950 NCAA championship, and he also played for farm teams of the Boston Bruins and the Detroit Red Wings.
He was later director of the Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey League until he left to become head coach at Michigan Technological University.

As head coach for the Michigan Tech Huskies from 1956-57 until 1981-82, his teams won three NCAA championships and seven Western Collegiate Hockey Association titles. He was named NCAA Coach of the Year twice (1969-70 and 1975-76 seasons), and was named WCHA Coach of the Year six times, finishing with a coaching record of 555-295-39.2

John died on 6 March 1983 in Houghton, Michigan, at age 57.1
ChartsMartin McInnes descendancy


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Catherine S Mackay1

(c 1942 - 1966)
Catherine S Mackay was born circa 1942. (Birth date based on age at death).

Catherine died on 21 April 1966 in Croydon, Surrey.2,3 She was cremated at the Eltham Crematorium in Greenwich on 29 April 1966.3


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Matthew Mackey1,2

(1885 - 1944)
Father*Matthew Mackey1,2 b. 1851, d. 1933
Mother*Jessie Yeaman1,2 b. 1852, d. 1910
Matthew's birth was registered between July 1885 and September 1885 in South Shields, Durham.1,2

He married Ellen Paul, daughter of Ralph Paul and Barbara Warner Marshall, at Methodist Church in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales, on 25 March 1908.1

Matthew died in 1944 in Cessnock, New South Wales.3


Ellen Paul (1884 - 1979)
ChartsPaul descendant chart
Marshall descendant chart


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